As a valued Supplier/Customer of DEPOSIT PROTECTION CORPORATION we would like to update you on an important new development, which should be of interest to you.

In these tough economic times we are experiencing, the rate of theft, fraud and crime is soaring as countless numbers of people resort to illegal activities in order to survive. It is therefore incumbent on an organisation that is intent on dealing with fraud and corruption to work closely with its major suppliers and customers.

We at DEPOSIT PROTECTION CORPORATION are committed to dealing with business fraud and have therefore decided to subscribe to DELOITTE TIP-OFFS ANONYMOUS, a service for the benefit of all our suppliers, employees, and major customers. 

We have contracted Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous (which is part of the Professional Services Firm, Deloitte) to run an independent Call Centre which will handle any report you or your employees may have concerning any fraudulent activity occurring at DEPOSIT PROTECTION CORPORATION.

Your identity and your firm’s identity will be protected.

If you are aware of any fraud, theft, corruption, abuse and any other unethical and inappropriate behaviour by anyone at DEPOSIT PROTECTION CORPORATION, please report to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous using the methods listed below:

Toll Fee Econet lines:      0808 5500, 0808 4461 (These can be accessed by Econet Subscribers ONLY)

Toll free cell:                     0716 800 189/ 0716 800 190 (Netone subscribers only)

Toll free cell:                     0732 220 220/0732 330 330 (Telecel subscribers only)

Whatsapp:                         0772 161 630

Internet :                            http://www.tip-offs.com

Free Post:                          The Call Centre, P.O. Box HG 883, Highlands, Harare.

E-mail:                                reportszw@tip-offs.com

Should you have some proof that another Supplier/Customer has given bribes to secure a contract/ service with DEPOSIT PROTECTION CORPORATION, please contact Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous on this facility.  You are not obliged to give your name. 

Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous will then send a report to our Fraud Management Committee.  If a report concerns any wrong doings on the part of members of the Fraud Management Committee, the report will be sent to the Managing Director and/Executive team and ultimately to  the board Chairperson if the Managing Director is involved.  Please circulate this letter to your sales staff.  You can contact Tip-offs Anonymous on the details above for a more detailed explanation of the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous service.

Yours Faithfully,